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Darling, what if I told you you can achieve more, with less effort? What if I told you that the key to a successful, meaningful and happy life is YOUR femininity?! 

By embodying your true feminine potential you open doors to opportunities, passion and fulfilment.


Hi, my name is Yulia Stark, I’m the founder of FAB academy. FAB stands for Femininity And Business. And it’s a training program for professional women who want to start/grow their business , improve their lifestyle and live a meaningful life in general.

Our success lies in the unique, no- nonsense,  result-oriented approach. Where practical business tools are combined to psychologie and mindfulness practices.

Where you discover the power of femininity, and by embodying it, we guarantee breakthroughs.


So if you are a professional woman, who wants to achieve more with less effort, who wants to be (even) more successful, confident and free. Then FAB academy is the answer to your needs.

Contact us on support@yuliastark.com and we’ll help you achieve your goals faster and in a more mindful way.