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Apply Now to Join other amazing people like you in an Exclusive holistic Retreat

Discover & embody your true power and transcend anything in your way!

This is a transformational 7-day retreat with Yulia Stark- Founder of FAB academy and her team.

This 7-day retreat is designed for those who value real transformation above everything else and wont settle for less than phenomenal.

Apply now if you are...


  • Do you want (finally) live in abundance? Financially and spiritually?

  • Do you want to grow professionally ?

  • So that you live according to your own rules & conditions?

  • Are you ready to make 2019 the best year of your life?

  • And do you also want to connect with like-minded, ambitious business owners?

  • Entrepreneurs who actively pursue their own success, freedom and love?

  • Would you like to get out of your head and into your sacred body, reactivating that energy ?

  • Do you believe it’s time to restore the inner balance and feel peace and happiness?

  • Do you wish to be more free and “in tune” with your true essence?

  • Are you ready to bring your finance to the next level?

Join us for “Transformational FAB” Retreat where we will dive deep into activating our Sensual, Feminine, Creative Energy and Embody our Authentic Self.

During the retreat you will 

  1. Get FOCUSED

  2. View challenges through a different lens

  3. Think and plan strategically

  4. Take relationships to a deeper level

  5. Bring your energy up

  6. Be more confident and empowered

  7. Find the work-life balance

  8. release stress, emotional blocks that get in the way from feeling free, open and connected to your body-mind.


  • Self-Care and Pleasure practices to raise your love and healing hormone levels.

  • Awareness of Your Body Anatomy, Mindfulness Meditation, Feminine Conscious Movement, Belly Dance, Tantric Breathwork, Sensual Yoga, Aromatherapy/Essential Oils, Kundalini Awakening Exercises, Guided Meditation, Journaling, Creative Art Expression and Vocal Toning.

  • How To Shift Your Mindset About Your Feminine Body and embrace Radical Self-Acceptance and Self-Love in your daily life.

  • Mindset Change Techniques to give you the power to shift your beliefs to align with what you truly desire to create in your life.

  • How to embrace your vulnerability and power in a supportive environment and embrace feminine sisterhood.

  • How to receive more abundance, wealth and prosperity in your life from knowing how to receive your sensual, sexual, orgasmic radiance.

  • How to embrace and grow from both our ego and our soul, and balance our feminine-masculine energy.

  • How to release with Fire Ceremony and letting go ritual


In addition to your soul-expanding transformative immersion sessions, you will also enjoy the following daily activities and amenities:

  • High-vibe delicious food prepared by a culinary genius, all locally sourced fresh ingredients to energize you and support your body in feeling balanced and restored to its natural state of optimal health (three meals a day plus decadent snacks and beverages available throughout the day).

  • Morning practice time for group-guided or self-guided meditation and yoga to BREATHE deep and FEEL amazing each day.

  • On-site spa services such as massage and bodywork available 24/7

  • A luxury infinity pool to sun-bathe and cool down at your leisure, overlooking a glorious, magical rice paddy expanse

  • Curated visits to Ubud and Canggu (on the beach) for local adventuring, shopping and special shared meals in beautiful locations – enjoy a truly local experience of Bali. You’ll also be allowed time to wander and explore on your own quite a bit – and you’ll be provided with your own SIM card for your phone so communication is easy. All transportation is always provided.

  • We’ll be visiting local sites that are extremely rare for tourists to visit, including sacred sanctuaries and temples.

  • We’ll have a few evenings out together to ENJOY the festival of LIFE that is on offer in some of the most magical spots in Bali

  • We will hike up one of Bali’s most magical volcano sites to see the sunrise from one of the highest points on the island. Expect to enjoy plenty of time in NATURE, absorbing the healing energy of Bali’s vibrant natural environment.

Timing & Logistics

  • Arrive Monday, oktober 8th, 2018 – depart mid-afternoon, Sunday oktober 14, 2018.

  • This retreat is designed for 12, open to women.

  • Program investment (with discount of €1000) is €2,500. Cost includes absolutely everything except airfare to and from Bali, including all meals, all transportation, and all excursions.

It Gets Better! You’ll Also Learn, Transform & Have Fun With Your Tribe

Free Bonus 1: FAB online academy (worth €995)

FAB academy online is designed for every woman who refuses to compromise, who won’t settle  for less than amazing. Online community, video training will help you stay focused on your personal goals, will help you embody new habits and remind you of your powerful state as a woman! 

Free Bonus 2: “Master Your Reality” book  by Yulia Stark

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Why Apply Today: Three Powerful Advantages Only Available Now

1. Secure the limited time €1000 discount

Apply for your spot today, and secure a €1000 discount on your ticket price.

Here's why we're doing this:

a) It's our tradition that we offer the biggest discounts for those who are the part of our FAB community

b) We want to achieve our mission of impacting 100 000 women as quickly as possible, and we can only do so by making it as easy as possible to empower our most committed members of the FAB tribe.

2. Only 12 spots are available

Thousands of others have tuned into the Masterclass, but we only have space for 13 people at this 6-day retreat. Book a call today so you don’t miss out on your chance to secure your spot and the 60% limited time discount.

3. Secure your bonuses worth €2000

When you book you call to apply for your spot today, you’ll also secure the special bonuses below, available for a limited time only:

* 1 x FAB online Academy (worth €995)

* Complimentary book by Yulia Stark (Valued at €25)


Next Steps:

Complete the form below to tell us more about yourself (and your business). Once you are accepted, you will be able to complete your enrollment for €2500 or 3 x €900.


What other women say About Yulia & her team.

"As a businesswomen, attending the Fab retreat is highly recommended.Yulia guides you through all the steps necessary to make your business a success story.You get all the tools to achieve this.It is not only a practical guidance that is very useful but also the warm women connection, frankness and support on a personal level that really meant a lot.Even after the retreat you can stay connected to Yulia, she is a world class lady with a golden heart."---Lieve Lenaerts


"Entrepreneurship - and life - it's a process of trial and error, and Yulia taught me the art of standing up again and not giving up. Not a magic formula with temporary results, but a solid total approach that brought me in my own strength. Thanks to the FAB retreat, I've lost the ballast of uncertainty witch led to the true woman I am today!" "-Lia Soetewey


During the FAB retreat I learned to maintain the focus within on my professional activity. I used to loose myself in chaos of my ideas,  and now have a clear vision and mission on my life. Some sessions were a bit confronting. I learned to connect to my emotions and hears, witch led to amazing connections in my business and FAB sisters. Yulia is one of the most inspiring ladies I have ever encountered. And it is fantastic how you can count on her at all times. Just like FAB sisters are always there for each other. "          - Catherine Meurisse, Efficiency Clinic


"Yulia knows how to touch you in a pure & authentic way, always inspiring and motivating, thanks to her I overcame my fears. FAB retreat made me grow tremendously, both personally and professionally. It is also fantastic to always be able to count on the support of the many FAB-sisters, thanks a lot for everything Yulia. " --Nancy Swerts


"Yulia Stark and the FAB retreats have put me back on the right track." I have been given a lot of tools to grow as a professional woman, which I eagerly used. I have a huge connection with the ladies from my group. I have already found several business partners within the FABs and my company gets more and more publicity. I am very pleased with the results.Thank Yulia and thanks to the FAB Academy and all the great ladies who are part of it. " - Marina Meyssen, Nieuwemij


"Yulia woke me up, opened my eyes and helped me take the steps to entrepreneurship, She connected mewith a powerful group of women in leadership." - Myriam Leseque


Is this training a good fit for me or my business?

The insights shared in this retreat are so powerful they will transform you and your business. This is why we are only inviting change-makers who are involved in humanity + businesses and aligned with FAB academy’s values. Once you reserve your spot, you will be able to talk to one of our team members, who will help you identify how this event can help you grow yourself and your business.

What are some of the key outcomes I can expect from the training?

Throughout we’re going to be sharing a lot. Your key takeaways will be:

  • How to rediscover yourself and make powerful choses that are aligned with your core values

  • How to create a high consciousness life that inspires & impacts your surrounding & loved ones

  • How to embody your full feminine essence and achieve more doing less

  • How to create extraordinary results in your business/career though modern marketing & sales techniques

  • Why work on your business, not in your business

  • Tools to never compromise on your quality of life

How soon can I expect to get results from the training?

Provided you implement what is shared with you throughout the four days, you’ll be able to start seeing results quickly.

Would it be worth my investment?

Just one idea or strategy is all it takes to recoup your investment in the program. Everything that is being shared during the four days is actionable and will be presented in such a way that you can implement without too much worry.

What is the Refund Policy?

If for any unlikely reason you are unable to make it for the training, email us and you will be refunded 100% of your investment up to 30 days before the start of the event. You also have access to FABs customer support in case you have any additional questions.

What is the schedule of the training?

The event begins on Monday afternoon, Sept 10th and will run until Sunday, Sept 17th. All is included (food, beverages and books)

Take advantage of our 100% risk-free “Peace of Mind” Guarantee

We understand you might be hesitant to commit because life can be unpredictable. But we don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity to secure a €1000 discount and enjoy free bonuses worth €1000. Nor do we want you to miss out on your chance to secure one of the 90 limited spots available for this program!

That’s why we offer a 100% peace of mind guarantee, so you don’t risk anything when you apply for your spot now. With this guarantee, you’ll have the peace of mind that even if something happens along the way, you may request to cancel your ticket up to 30 days before the event and get a full refund -- no questions asked.

We are confident this event will shift your life, which is why we make it risk-free for you to secure your spot.

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