Yulia Stark

"Don't settle for less"

We believe the empathic, holistic, collaborative nature of female leadership is of tremendous value in our world. We promise to help women find their strength and balance to make this world a better place. With our stories, our academy and our community, we aim to inspire and educate women, so ‘they can have it all’. This is our promise.



from the heart

As a mother of 2 beautiful kids, wife and a woman who does not want to settle for less than “amazing”, I took every chance to grow as a businesswoman and as an individual. I failed before, lost everything and learned a lot. Rebuilt it all up, but now even more authentic, from the heart and with a bigger vision on how to change the world into a better, more connected place.


"Live a life by your own terms and conditions."

Let me help you embody your full feminine potential, to build a business you love, where money is the result of your efforts and where you live a life by your own terms and conditions.

I'll show you how to get to the core of who you truly are, help you align your goals to your core values, make a plan to reach them faster and easier, be more confident as a woman, gain the marketing tools that actually work and teach you how to sell from your heart, by really connecting with people.

If you’re looking for practical, results-orientated breakthroughs in a fun, compassionate but no-nonsense environment, come say hi.